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Mental Health + The Dental Hygienist Virtual Event

May 5 @ 11:00 am 2:15 pm EDT

$125 10 CE credits

This special virtual certification course is made possible through a sponsorship from Heartland Dental.

Take this virtual journey toward enhancing mental health awareness and arm yourself with powerful tools to build resilience in your daily life and combat burnout in dentistry. Whether you’re looking to support yourself, your colleagues, or foster a healthier supportive community, this immersive virtual certification course promises to deliver practical knowledge, insightful discussions, and engaging activities tailored for anyone eager to prioritize mental wellness and reduce stress and burnout.

DAY 1, Saturday, 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM CT
NAMI Chicago (National Alliance on Mental Illness) leads you through game-changing self-support techniques as you navigate the Wellness Recovery Model. You’ll dissect the stigma of workplace stress, learn strategies for mutual support and personalize your own wellness toolkit to help you thrive in your professional setting. Fortify your mental well-being so you can foster an environment of intentional wellness, building bulletproof resilience tied with a lifeline of empathy and gratitude that can extend out beyond your work life into your personal realm. You can expect to finish up this day equipped with knowledge to create supportive change, strategies to shield against adversity, and a solid step toward cultivating a more supportive, empathetic self.

All participants receive a $10 Jimmy John’s gift card to use for lunch!

DAY 2, Sunday, 10:00 AM – 1:15 PM CT
Tackle provider burnout and discover ways to rise out of fatigue to reclaim the joy of your profession. Burnout in dentistry can cause poor quality of life, increased medical error and even early retirement. Dive deep into understanding the early warning signs often brushed aside, by recognizing the subtle and overt symptoms that signal the need for intervention. Learn to listen to your body and mind and identify stressors that are unique to the dental profession and how they specifically impact you so you can nip burnout in the bud.

Earn Your Certification

At the end of this course you will earn the Mental Wellness Training Certification, empowered to be an advocate for mental health, creating a healthier and more supportive community within and outside the workplace.

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