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Exploring the Oral-Gut-Brain Microbiota Axis in Dentistry

July 19 @ 3:00 pm 4:00 pm EDT

Free 1 CE credit

COURSE SUMMARY: The intricate connection between the oral cavity, gut, and brain has garnered significant attention in recent years. This cutting-edge continuing education course delves into the emerging field of the Oral-Gut-Brain Microbiota Axis and its implications for dental professionals. Participants will explore the bidirectional communication between these three systems and understand how disruptions in the microbiota balance can influence oral health, systemic well-being, and even cognitive functions. Attendees will gain valuable insights into leveraging this knowledge to enhance patient care and promote overall health


  • Define the Oral-Gut-Brain Microbiota Axis and its components.
  • Explain the bidirectional communication pathways between the oral cavity, gut, and brain.
  • Discuss the role of microbiota in maintaining homeostasis and influencing various physiological processes.
  • Identify key microbial species present in the oral cavity and their roles in health and disease.
  • Discuss technologies to assist dental practices with aerosol mitigation
  • Recognize factors that can disrupt the balance of oral microbiota.
  • Describe the connection between oral health, gut microbiota composition, and overall systemic well-being.

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